Your favourite virtue ::
Reliability and goodwill

Your favourite qualities in a man ::

Your favourite qualities in a woman ::
Even more humour

Your favorite occupation ::
Artist, maybe professor. It feels good to earn money, but not to work for it.

Your idea of happiness ::
Dissolving in a meaningful activity, knowing about the wealth of beloved ones, relaxing with music and a beer.

Your idea of misery ::
Powerlessness, sickness and general sorrow

If not yourself, who would you be ::
A lazy cat

Where would you like to live ::
Always in the periphery, somewhere between downtown and the countryside.
(Five minutes to the beach!?)

Your favourite color and flower ::
Multicolour and orchid, how does this fit together?

Your favourite prose authors ::
Oscar Wilde

Your favourite poets ::
Mike Skinner

Your favourite heroes in fiction ::
Obi-Wan Kenobi

Your favourite heroines in fiction ::
Lisa Simpson

Your favourite painters ::
Jean-Michel Basquiat, David Claerbout, Gerhard Richter

Your favourite composers ::
Richard D. James, Brian May, George Gershwin, John Williams, Lassi Nikko, Tosin Abasi

Your favorite heroes in real life ::
Brian May

Your favorite heroines in real life ::
My Mother

What character (s) in history do you most dislike ::
There is a long list of manipulative sociopaths addicted to power.

Your favorite food and drink ::
Seafood and Belgian beer, but there is not much I do not like.

Your favorite names ::
A name is nothing without a human being filling it with meaning.

Your pet peeve (something that easily annoys you) ::
Too simple solutions which actually solve nothing at all.

The change you most anticipate ::
Getting better in every way and becoming happy halfway.

A gift of nature you would like to have:
Talent and courage

How you would like to die ::
Peaceful and happy, probably old and asleep.

What is your present state of mind ::
Stressed, desperate and hopeful.

For what fault have you the most toleration ::
Internet addiction and ignoring the given tasks

Your favorite motto ::
I got where I am by collecting friends, not enemies.
Madeline White in ’Inside Man’

26 mars 2019 - 15:43

Sven Piayda (* 1977 in Gelsenkirchen) is a contemporary German artist who uses photography, video, sound and computer-manipulated and -generated images. His works have been shown in galleries, museums, kunstvereine, off-spaces as well as at film festivals mostly in Germany and also worldwide. Since 2006, he has been teaching image editing, vector-based design, computer-generated imaging, digital 3D design and audiovision. He also gives lectures on digital art and is active as a musician with various projects of different styles such as AESTATE and Record Of Tides. Recently he focuses his effort on the audiovisual electronica project Record Of Tides in releasing music, doing visual art shows, playing live and (hard)deejaying. Since 2003, he runs a blog in which he treats not only art-related but also personal topics.

Sven lives in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany and Kirchberg, Luxembourg.

Sven Piayda
Record Of Tides