Your favorite virtue :: 
Weaknesses of my strength

Your favorite qualities in a man :: 

Your favorite qualities in a woman :: 

Your favorite occupation :: 
Making music (and go windsurfing)

Your idea of happiness :: 
The Uncertainty Principle

Your idea of misery :: 
Making money

if not yourself, Who you would like to be :: 
Me as a girl

Where would you like to live :: 
In a Lighthouse (but large enough to put my music gear)

Your favorite color :: 
Red (#990000)

Your favorite flower :: 

Your favorite prose authors :: 
Thomas Mann, Hanif Kureishi, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Orson Welles, Jim Harrison…

Your favorite poets :: 
Joël Hubaut, Bernard Heidsieck, Henri Chopin, Antonin Artaud, Joachim Montessuis, Anne-James Chaton, Patti Smith, Pauline Oliveiros …

Your favorite heroes in fiction :: 
Captain Nemo

Your favorite heroines in fiction :: 

Your favorite painters :: 
Joël Hubaut, William Turner, Marcel Duchamp, Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, William Kentridge, Arnulf Rainer, Cy Twombly, Joseph Beuys, Robert Combas, Sandro Chia, Agnes martin, Gerhard Richter…

Your favorite composers :: 
Erik Satie, Edgar Varèse, La Monte Young, Siouxsie & the Banshees (2nd album), Marcel Duchamp, Eliane Radigue, Charlemagne Palestine, Devo, Blindoldfreak, CAN, The Cramps, DAF, Kraftwerk, LFO, Ennio Morricone, Sister Iodine, Leila Bordreuil, Steve Reich, Terry Riley, Luc Ferrari, Test Department, Oval, Plastikman, Suicide, Suzanne Ciani, Philip Glass, Tony Conrad, Kali Malone, Gavin Bryars, Autechre, The Residents, Plaid, Microstoria, Maryanne Amacher, Yvan Etienne, Terrine, Sun O))), 3W Electron Tube…

Your favorite heroes in real life :: 
"No More Heroes"

Your favorite heroines in real life :: 
"No More Heroes"

What character (s) in history do you most dislike :: 
Mr Capitalism

Your favorite food and drink :: 
Oysters & Red Wine (and Baltimore crabs cooked by Jean-Jacques)

Your favorite names :: 
Penelope & Alice

Your pet peeve (something that easily annoys you) :: 
The reluctance to learn

The change you most anticipate :: 
Not Artificial Intelligence !

A gift of nature you would like to have :: 
wings to fly and 12 ears to hear all

How I would like to die :: 
in a dream

What is your present state of mind :: 
Immersed in the world of the Magic Montain

For what fault have you the most toleration :: 
The Sin

Your favorite motto :: 
No Future !

29 août 2022 - 16:31

Nicolas Germain, aka el TiGeR CoMiCs GRoUP since 1984, is musician and sometimes Sound Artist. He's also member of Variable, HUM, Pest Modern and 3W Electron Tube.

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