Your favorite virtue ::
The virtue itself.

Your favorite qualities in a man :: 
Patience (which I hate equally), sense of humour and the ability to value all points of view.

Your favorite qualities in a woman :: 
The same as for men.

Your favorite occupation :: 
Make music, listen to it, read and sometimes simply do nothing.

Your idea of happiness :: 
My definition of happiness is negative: temporary absence of suffering.
Happiness is something pretty momentary.

Your idea of misery :: 
There are many forms of misery, but possibly one of the most terrible is to feel alone when accompanied.

if not yourself, Who you would like to be :: 
Some kind of animal, no doubt.

Where would you like to live :: 
In the countryside, surrounded by mountains with some river nearby. I don't know if I could live like this long, I'm a slave of the city, but that would be my ideal.

Your favorite color :: 

Your favorite flower :: 
I don't have a favorite flower.

Your favorite prose authors :: 
I don't usually read prose. If philosophy counts as such, Freud, Kierkegaard, Cioran, Luis Cencillo...

Your favorite poets :: 
Alejandra Pizarnik, José Ángel Valente, Panero...

Your favorite heroes in fiction :: 
I don't like fiction. If they're fiction, they're not heroes.

Your favorite heroines in fiction :: 
I don't like fiction. If they're fiction, they're not heroes.

Your favorite painters :: 
I'm not a fan of painting.

Your favorite composers :: 
Eliane Radigue, Pauline Oliveros, Xenakis ...

Your favorite heroes in real life :: 
I'm more interested in antiheroes.

Your favorite heroines in real life :: 
I'm more interested in antiheroes and losers.

What character (s) in history do you most dislike :: 
A list too long ... From hitler to Jose María Aznar.

Your favorite food and drink :: 
French fries with breaded chicken and the seafood.

Your favorite names :: 
Only one, Itzíar.

Your pet peeve (something that easily annoys you) :: 
Impunctuality, excessive patience ...

The change you most anticipate :: 
A moral paradigm change, although I don't know exactly which one.

A gift of nature you would like to have :: 
Nature gives us things constantly, but we insist on not seeing them.

How I would like to die :: 
Painless, in all senses.

What is your present state of mind :: 
Pretty confusing and messy.

For what fault have you most toleration :: 
Even if my actions sometimes express the opposite, I think I'm quite tolerant at heart. In everyday life as a general rule, no fault is so tremendously serious.

Your favorite motto :: 
Just to say one : "A bad conscience is indeed able to make life interesting." Kierkegaard.

15 mai 2019 - 15:58

"Coming from the noise scene, he began his career in free improvisation in the year 2014 with Tomás Gris, with whom he shares several projects, among them the Hashigakari duet and the Ex - Nihilo record label. Active member of the improvisation collective “maDam” from Madrid. He faces the world of improvisation without looking for any specific stylistic result so his works in different ensembles or in solo include aesthetics ranging from reductionism to drone ambients, using as main sound several types of electronic elements (sine waves, noise synthesizers, etc). He has recently released his new solo album "Shoganai"."

David Area is a musician, living in Madrid.

David Area