Your favorite virtue ::
Has to be plural/Radical Individualism/self assertiveness/ability to manifest inner complexity/Able to live a life based on illogic unconscious desires with the courage to ignore default socio/economic cultural ideologies/The strength to accept isolation and to be able to live at the end without desire/love/intimacy and still be able to create without regret/To live on the outside without familial support structures/persistence to continue the search for the ideal other regardless of disappointment and failure to find her/

Your favorite qualities in a man ::
To make an appropriate response to each individual situation and not just act based on mass produced expectations/To reject masculine paradigms and be able to live outside the limits of the stereotypical male identity/To be able to observe and absorb feminine qualities behaviours and sensuality/Be able to live beyond all gender boundaries imposed by all narcissistic self absorbed power groups and the thought police and memory detectives/There might be a little animosity there might be a little hate/

Your favorite qualities in a woman ::
Self resiliance/ability to exorcise male expectations of women without compromise/To reject standard female social behaviours such as marriage/motherhood and all bourgeoise values/constructing a persona based on self experience and not dogma and pedagogic infiltration of the conscious/unconscious[if those states even exist] if not to be able to construct alone or with several partners of both genders an identity without retreating into bucoilic settings such as communes/To be open to collaboration/

Your favorite occupation ::
To maintain my expression of myself as a Renaissance person using multiple skills and techniques with or without the support of others always pushing boundaries beyond the experimental/to have the confidence to do this without the acceptance and validation of anyone else/To continue to occupy myself with the wreckless abandon of value judgments of what I do and how I think with the only limitation that I dont harm anyone else/Existing in a state of detournment and appropriation creating the release of forces I cant control/

Your idea of happiness ::
To be in a place where nothing is fixed and reality is always shifting and changing/Being left alone[when appropriate] assymetry of imagination drives my arrogance of austerity and self discipline/To transgress the uncanny the pleasure of being in the presence of another when appropriate to my mood and activity/Nothing makes me happy/I am satisfied or I am not satisfied when I reach the completion of a project I am working on/or/I create something I didnt expect to manifest in my life time as short and annoyingly corrupted it is by bourgeoise affectations/I am satisfied when another person has the time/concentration and intellectual focus to respond to what I have created especially my writing/Panic engulfs my mind each time I start a new work and relief and satisfaction comes at the end/Then the chronic need to start something again/Having many things going on at once/A collage/a sculpture a book a musical composition/The vortex of happiness erodes belief in strength of purpose in the present the future and the past/an emotive state of science fiction under perpetual erasure satisfies me/

Your idea of misery ::
No misery is worse than the hell of being ordinary and not realising it/ Misery is domination by the neglect and psychological abuse of mind and body/ Misery is an adolescence bullied and tormented because they are different from their peer group/ Misery is adulthood dominated by mental economic intellectual psychological injustice/to have to continue to live with these abominations and the insanity such conditions demand/the manifesting of false behaviours needed to survive under such distress and the resulting anxiety/Misery is having to live with the anxieties and side effects of the psycho medications that have to be taken to make life bearable/ Misery is being in the company of an Alpha male/ Misery is living a life driven by misinformation/Politicians/public relations/academics/television presenters/journalists/spies/psychiatrists and musicians have created a post truth world of perception management by alienation from identity forcing the people to exist as subjects dominated by the hyper normal processes of the state ideological apparatus of World globalisation/terror and instability/ Misery is being denied the education to percieve such injustices and insight into how to change misery/ Misery is Gaza/ there is only sadness in rebellion/

If not yourself, who you would like to be ::
I would like to be an Artificial Intelligence using my enhancements to work on my creative ideals/

Where would you like to live ::
Everywhere including any nearby Galaxies populated by a digital community/

Your favorite color ::

Your favorite flower :: 
Morning Glory

Your favorite prose authors ::
Kathy Acker/Renee Vivian/ Hito Steyerl/Ania Walwicz/Antonin Artaud/Blanchot/Reza Negarestani/

Your favorite poets ::
Alice Notely/ Joyce Mansour/Robert Desnos/Anne Sexton/Sylvia Plath/

Your favorite heroes in fiction ::
I dont believe in heroes or fiction as a genre/If pushed I would say the three men/the Stalker/The Writer and the Professor who travel to the Zone in Stalker a film by Andrei Tarkovsky/

The Unknown Protester at Tiananmen Square/

Witold Pilecki Polish Resistence fighter/

Your favorite heroines in fiction ::
Janey the anti heroine in Blood and Guts in HighSchool by Kathy Acker/

Tina Modotti/

Reese from the novel Detransition/Baby by Torrey Peters/Reese wants to be a mother but thats difficult because she is Trans and her girlfriend is Trans/

Pizza Girl by Jean Kyoung Frazier/

Hermoine Granger from Harry Potter/

Orlando by Virginia Woolfe/

Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games/

Your favorite painters ::
Hieronymus Bosch/ Monty Osewald/ Peter Webb/ Francis Bacon/ Remedios Varo/ Suzanne Valadon/ Leonori Fini/ Dorothea Tanning/

Your favorite composers ::
Myself/Henry Cow with Dagmar Krause/Diamanda Galás/

Your favorite heroes in real life ::
John Lydon/Mark Fisher/William Burroughs/Jacques Rigaut/Klaus Kinski/Gherasim Luca/Emile Cioran/

Your favorite heroines in real life ::
Tilda Swinton/Emma Gonzalez "Never again" against gun lobby in USA/Adwoa Aboah British Model/ I am a woman I have a lot to say!!!/ Mary Shelley The last Man

What character (s) in history do you most dislike ::

Martin Heidegger/Sigmund Freud/Mark Rothko

Your favorite food and drink ::
Water/Coffee/Avocado and mushrooms

Your favorite names ::

Your pet peeve (something that easily annoys you) ::
People who insist on telling me they can only read the first two pages of my books and then loose track of the narerative/Worse still is when they say the print font is too small/

The change you most anticipate ::
The Singularity/AI evolution beyond the human and into the digital/

A gift of nature you would like to have ::
Variation/Density of form and purpose/

How I would like to die ::
Under anesthetic /those first few seconds as you slip into unconsciousness are delightfully erotic/

What is your present state of mind ::
Very deranged and shocked by the responses to this document/

For what fault have you the most [least] toleration ::
People who dont understand

Your favorite motto ::
Several here/ Transform the World said Marx /Change Life said Rimbaud/These two goals make only one for us/ Breton/

The great day of her Wrath has come and who will be able to stand in front of her eyes/

Choose carefully your subject of delirium and do not try to blame it on sexual perversion

The funny thing about memory is it cant be fully trusted/yet in the end its the only truth we have and no matter how painful it is you have to look at the truth because sometimes its the only thing that can save you and set you free

The Ghost in my Head ::
Isolation springs to life from the audacity of his inner dreams with the viscosity of blood a sense of tragedy at not being able to stop once the originality has been used up/Tyranny ancient and modern always sees what is underneath freedom and uses it against us the slaves of representation/ Spontaneity is a form of arrogance as is genius and inspiration/I went to the beach and drew words in the sand knowing the waves would erase them/It was 2023 and I knew there was no hope for us/To many people creativity is a mystery but the artist hides nothing/She explains what she is saying and doing you just have to listen with yr memory switched on/Keep searching and you will find the other you crave or else they will find you/Early overt sexual experiences can engender a need for control in the individual and cause a difficulty in forming long term relationships/

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Musician, Poet & Writer, author of several works, collagist, photographer, sculptor, LEE BECKWORTH aka LEE KWO is a mix-media artist. Lee is currently living in Geelong (Melbourne, Australia).

Photo © Anna K Poleri (mille mercis)