Your favourite virtue :: 

Your favourite qualities in a man :: 
brightness, capacity to think as a woman, transparency, sense of humor, courage, mild, sweetness

Your favourite qualities in a woman :: 
brightness, capacity to think as a man, transparency, sense of humor, courage, mild, sweetness and determination

Your favourite occupation :: 
be creative, imaginative and watching grass moving with the wind

Your idea of happiness :: 
Time and Space mainly

Your idea of misery :: 
not to have a Vision, or live in a place that does not allow to have it

If not yourself, who would you be :: 
the other me in the Multiverse

Where would you like to live :: 
All Around

Your favourite colour and flower :: 
bluegreen – sunflower, sand lily

Your favourite prose authors :: 
WL Burroughs, RA Wilson, W Gibson, H Murakami, H Balzac, T Robbins, P Auster, M Shelley, A Huxley

Your favourite poets :: 
Shakespeare, Blake, Rumi, cUtuPs

Your favorite heroes in fiction :: 
H Lecter !!!, Walter Bishop

Your favourite heroines in fiction :: 
Jackie Brown, Alice

Your favourite painters and composers :: 
Lascaux Painters, KD Friedrich, M Ernst, R Magritte, M Duchamp, B Gysin, JM Basquiat, E Hopper, D Arbus, Balthus, P della Francesca, J Pontormo, Hokusai, and even if not painters all the LandArtists, E Satie, S Reich, A Braxton, O Coleman, A Schönberg, D Derbyshire, J Cage, L Anderson, DJ Spooky, M Monk, D Byrne, B Eno, Buckethead

Your favourite heroes in real life :: 
pioneers of possibile and impossibile

Your favourite heroines in real life :: 
pioneers of possibile and impossibile

What character(s) in history do you most dislike :: 
obtuse, dictators and thieves of life and happiness

Your favourite food and drink :: 
indian, margarita, Water, mangos, champagne!

Your favorite names :: 
words >Abracadabra! Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Your pet peeve (something that easily annoys you) :: 
useless competition, obtuseness, misogyny < in men and women

The change you most anticipate :: 
destructiveness evolving into love generative

A gift of nature which I would like to have :: 
telepathy and teleportation

How I would like to die :: 
transcellular flight

What is your present state of mind :: 
lightening suspensus

Of what fault are you most tolerant :: 
perfectionism, impatience

Your favourite motto :: 
Begin at the beginning, and go on till you come to the end: then stop” L Carroll, “or watch a Flower” Me

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Sonia Laura is an AudioVisual artist.

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originally edited in theQuestionnaire 2006 - 2011