Your favourite virtue ::

Your favourite qualities in a man ::
responsability, humor, punctuality

Your favourite qualities in a woman ::
humor, sensuality

Your favourite occupation ::

Your idea of happiness ::
no consequences to my wrong actions

Your idea of misery ::
the consequences to my wrong actions

If not yourself, who would you be ::
somebody else

Where would you like to live ::
in space

Your favourite colour and flower ::

Your favourite prose authors ::

Your favourite poets ::

Your favourite heroes in fiction ::
Galactus / Tyler Durden

Your favourite heroines in fiction ::
Aeon Flux

Your favourite painters and composers ::
Salvador Dali, Rene Magrite, Mark Rothko, Piet Mondrian, Frank Nitsche, Umberto Boccioni, Ashley Wood, Maya Kulenovic, Anthony Gormley (drawings)... and many more / Delia Derbyshire, Brian Eno, William Basinski, Phillip Glass, Laurie Anderson, Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Kraftwerk ... and more.

Your favourite heroes in real life ::

Your favourite heroines in real life ::

What character(s) in history do you most dislike ::

Your favourite food and drink ::
rice / fruit juice, tea

Your favourite names ::
i don't have favorite names

Your pet peeve (something that easily annoys you) ::

The change you most anticipate ::
a change in consciousness

A gift of nature which I would like to have ::

How I would like to die ::
in my sleep

What is your present state of mind ::

Of what fault are you most tolerant ::
my lack of sociability

Your favourite motto :
"Be yourself, everyone else is taken" Oscar Wilde

16 mars 2011 - 15:15

"I am an electronic musician, Dj and Graphic Designer living in Bucharest (Romania). My tracks and remixes appears on various labels and netlabels and i am featured on several worldwide radio broadcasts and podcasts."


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