Your favorite virtue ::  
always be Coppé !

Your favorite qualities in a man ::  

Your favorite qualities in a woman ::  

Your favorite occupation ::  

Your chief characteristic ::  
happy ... sweet + fluffy

Your idea of happiness ::  
being able to sing 

Your idea of misery ::  
not being able to sing

if not yourself, Who you would like to be ::  
Astro Boy

Where would you like to live ::  
in a clear bubble … floating ...

Your favorite color ::  
the color of pelle’s eye balls

Your favorite flower ::  
king protea

Your favorite prose authors ::  
Merlin Sheldrake

Your favorite poets ::  
Michael Franks

Your favorite heroes in fiction ::  

Your favorite heroines in fiction ::  

Your favorite painters ::  

Your favorite composers ::  
Johann Sebastian Bach

Your favorite heroes in real life ::  
René Laloux

Your favorite heroines in real life ::  
Billie Holiday

What character (s) in history do you most dislike ::  

Your favorite food and drink ::  
veggies + fruity red red wine

Your favorite names ::  
Coppé  + Atom

Your pet peeve (something that easily annoys you) ::  
being negative + blue

The change you most anticipate ::  
journey to space + start making music with aliens

A gift of nature you would like to have ::  
aurora boreal

How I would like to die ::  

What is your present state of mind ::  

For what fault have you the most toleration ::  
making mistakes

Your favorite motto ::  
always be Coppé + keep on dreaming ...

13 mars 2023 - 15:58

COPPÉ is a singer-songwriter and producer of music, a martian fruitcake, a music junkie and the Queen bee of Mango + Sweetrice Records. Coppé is living in Tokyo

image by Jean-Paul Berthoin