Your favorite virtue ::

Your favorite qualities in a man :: 
being theirselves

Your favorite qualities in a woman :: 
being theirselves

Your favorite occupation :: 
to experiment with sounds

Your idea of happiness :: 
being able to do what I like full time, and balancing it with friends and family

Your idea of misery :: 
making too many compromises and ending up living a totally different life

if not yourself, Who you would like to be :: 
maybe a movie maker or a video artist, I always wanted to experiment with that

Where would you like to live :: 
in the countryside, or near some mountains

Your favorite color :: 
I don't have one, but dark shades of greens pleases me

Your favorite flower :: 
not a flower lover here, but I used to have this nice cherry tree near my old home which blossomed in such a lovely way during spring time

Your favorite prose authors :: 
it depends on the period, recently I enjoyed Albert Camus

Your favorite poets :: 
recently I keep falling back to read Keith Waldrop's poems

Your favorite heroes in fiction :: 
Godzilla (because he is a hero!)

Your favorite heroines in fiction :: 
Godzilla (because she is a hero!)

Your favorite painters :: 
Rothko, Mondrian

Your favorite composers :: 
Well, I think we'll need a separate questionnaire for this, but a couple that never tires me are Steve Reich and Philip Glass

Your favorite heroes in real life :: 
there's too many, I don't want to hurt anyone

Your favorite heroines in real life :: 
my wife

What character (s) in history do you most dislike :: 
barriers makers

Your favorite food and drink :: 
probably pizza and beer

Your favorite names :: 
the one with multi-layered meanings

Your pet peeve (something that easily annoys you) :: 
unwanted noises

The change you most anticipate :: 
probably making music full time

A gift of nature you would like to have :: 
being more able to make connections

How I would like to die :: 
some quick way, maybe in my sleep

What is your present state of mind :: 

For what fault have you the most toleration :: 
being lost in something

Your favorite motto :: 
"We'll bury 'em in the mix"

6 mars 2023 - 15:47

Alessio Premoli, aka Chelidon Frame, is a sound explorer, data sonificator and experimental musician. Alessio is living in Milan

Chelidon Frame