Your favorite virtue ::
discipline, persistence

Your favorite qualities in a man :: 
intelligence and humour

Your favorite qualities in a woman :: 
intelligence and humour

Your favorite occupation :: 
creating sounds

Your idea of happiness :: 
swimming in Kipawa lake where time stands still

Your idea of misery :: 
the present world political climate and the rise of intolerance.
losing a child to illness or death.

if not yourself, What I would like to be :: 
an experimental physicist

Where would you like to live :: 
Japan or Italy

Your favorite color :: 

Your favorite flower :: 
Lilium Casablanca

Your favorite prose authors :: 
Haruki Murakami

Your favorite poets :: 

Your favorite heroes in fiction :: 

Your favorite heroines in fiction :: 
Arya Stark

Your favorite painters ::
Rothko, Pollock

Your favorite composers :: 
de Bussy, Satie, William Basinski, Richard Chartier, Mika Vainio, Akira Rabelais, Bach, Mozart,

Your favorite heroes in real life :: 
humble heroes - fathers

Your favorite heroines in real life :: 
humble heroines - mothers

What character (s) in history do you most dislike :: 
Abusers of power

Your favorite food and drink :: 
pasta, ramen noodles in Fukuoka, coffee, coffee, coffee

Your favorite names :: 
names as genres of music are labels aimed at identifying the unidentifiable

Your pet peeve (something that easily annoys you) :: 
insensitive people

The change you most anticipate :: 
any transition

A gift of nature you would like to have :: 

How I would like to die ::
vacuum decay (google it)

What is your present state of mind :: 

For what fault have you the most toleration :: 

Your favorite motto :: 
Follow your bliss

28 mars 2019 - 13:02

France Jobin is a sound / installation / artist, composer and curator

France Jobin

photo by Fabio Perletta